Amy (ryhmery) wrote in nakedemilyd,

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New Poem

I want you

I want more then just
your pretty face
I want more then just
one kiss,
I want the love we
laughed & joked about

I need you.

I've loved you since the
moment our eyes met,
I want more then a hug
and kiss here & there,

I want you & I need you in my life

I want the feeling of waking up
& knowing i'm not all alone
I want the romance from my
dreams, I want to know that
you'll be there

I still want you, still need you,

I want you more then for just
a year, I want more then just
to feel your lips, I want more
the just one kiss . . .

I want, you in my life.

So, What do ya think?
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