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nakedemilyd's Journal

Naked Emily Dickinson
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This is a community for people who don't get out much and spend time in their own little worlds writing and daydreaming. Let us see what you write and spend your time on. This is also a comminuty to post your pictures in. Any pictures of you, you feel like posting. To the exclusion of anything showing any of your reproductive organs. Dont' get smart you know what i mean. Absolutely no breasts, vaginas, penis or anything like that. There is no shame in the naked body, but, it is a person thing, color me weird, I really have no interest in seeing yours and i do not think you want to see mine.

Write you thoughts, post your pictures, pass the day.

So 100 years from now, after your death, we will not find all your works of art under your bed or in your sock drawer and wonder Who is he/she really?

Have fun,

and so another beautiful
february day
passes in the glory of the sun

within the clouds are the
and worries
of those crafty enough
to shed them

and here
i am
on the other side of the glass
for what i do not know
but here i wait
but here i am
but here i stay