untitledkaos (untitledkaos) wrote in nakedemilyd,

Angel from my Nightmare

As I stare down the barrel of my gun, I think back to what drove me to this. It was her, the girl that I long for, the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen. The fact that she didn’t know that she was beautiful made her all the more beautiful. She was the only one that made me happy she had me thinking of things other than death. We were always together until the day she left me. The angel of my nightmare went back to heaven. The fucker that killed her, killed her so he could join a gang . The day I found him was the worst and last day of his life. I didn’t kill him right away, I made him suffer so he could fill the pain that he inflected on me. He had a long agonizing death. That didn’t remove the pain from within me that I thought it would. The only thing that would remove the pain from my aching soul is to be with my love, the angel above. As I pulled the trigger my head snapped back I saw my angel. When I came around I was in a pit of flames with the pain still within me. I was in hell, she was in heaven , she is the angel above and I could not fly.
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