hitler was an emo art punk (invincible_) wrote in nakedemilyd,
hitler was an emo art punk

cross posted a couple times...

first post in this community...the only decent thing i've written in a while

you are elliott smith on a sunday morning
and maybe even on a saturday night
you are empty beer bottles on my coffee table
you are a really long math problem, a bonus on the test
you are an orange permanent marker
that's almost out of ink
you are the x and q keys on my keyboard
a refried cigarette
a scar on my shoulder
a burn on my chest
the sidewalk after rain
a yield sign on the street
a prescription heartache
the sun in my eyes
the dirt on my feet
the password to my...
i can't say that
a flower coming through the cracks in the sidewalk
scratches on my legs
cuts on my toes
cavities in my teeth
you are the perfume on my wrists
the sigh out of my throat
the teardrops running down my cheeks and the
burning kitchen knife in between my ribs.
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